• Descriptive Statistics
  • Outlier Treatment
  • Grouping of Data
  • Handling missing values in dataset
  • Correlation
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import scipy.stats as stats

Descriptive Statistics

Multiple Table Queries

  1. Simple Joins
  2. Natural Joins
  3. Equi Joins
  4. Non Equi Join
  5. Self Join
  6. Left & Right Join
  7. Inner & Outer Join

Simple Join

What is SQL ?

  • SQL is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) which allows to store, retrieve or manipulate data, but in a more efficient way than DBMS.
  • Each column in a table is know as attribute and each row in table is know as record/tuple.

y = m₁x₁ + m₂x₂ + m₃x₃ + . . . . . + mnxn + c + e

Linear Regression
Linear Regression
Linear Regression
  • y = Regressed/ dependent…

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